Rhapsody in Wood Australia

Rhapsody in Wood Australia

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Rhapsody in Wood Map of Australia

Literally hundreds of individually cut pieces of wood are painstakingly placed in the respective coordinates. A fusion of fine engineering and quality craftsmanship. One of a kind stunning art decor.

To own an original piece by Rhapsody in Wood is to own a bespoke artwork that will spark many a dinner conversation through generations of family ownership. Each numbered individual map is hand assembled by Australian craftsmen. No two maps are ever the same with each state being represented by a completely natural unstained piece of wood which is sustainably grown.

In an increasingly disposable world these magnificently crafted maps will stand out as truely meaningful statement pieces that stay with friends and family through generations. Whether it is recounting family dinners and celebrations, reminiscing over paths walked and journeys undertaken, your map will see through you and your family's lifetimes of travel and adventure.

Australia 1000mm x 850mm - other sizes available

Other maps available include World Maps.

Remember those overseas travels that feel like so long ago? In our world wooden map range, we have captured time and framed it for you and your children to reminisce over past adventures and dream of those still yet to come. We believe every moment with family should be cherished so go on, connect with your loved ones over a 'one of a kind' world map.

  • Made in Port Lincoln SA using 100% natural Australian timber.
  • Lifetime product guarantee gives you a peace of mind.
  • Free customization can include messages and engraving for your special occasion.
  • Please note that due to the size and expense of this item freight needs to be organised with us through a courier and insurance will be applied. The price mentioned here is only for the map.