There is nowhere in Adelaide where you can see a better range of globes than The Map Shop at 110 Hindley St. We stock products from the worlds best globe manufacturers and our range includes a variety of styles such as physical, political, blue ocean, antique look and modern. 

We have big globes, little globes, globes that glow and globes that spin. Floor globes and desk globes. We even have a globe you can squeeze.

Did I mention a globe of the Moon? Ask us about it.

Below are just a couple of the brands we sell. Click HERE to view globes in our Shopping Cart.


One of the oldest and best known globe makers they produce two of the most popular and affordable 30cm globes available in our shop.

Replogle Explorer Replogle Franklin

Replogle Explorer

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Replogle Franklin

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Replogle's wide variety of globes includes wooden and metallic bases in various sizes. They range from the classic and traditional globe to the modern. Elegant floor standing models and usable desktop ones.

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Compared to Replogle they are newcomers but we think they are going to be around for a long time. They specialise in simple modern elegance. They even produce a nice pair of globe bookends.

Heritage India Lambert Heritage India James

Heritage India Lambert

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Heritage India James Bookends

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Heritage India produce classic looking and modern styles with a variety of stands and looks including metallic and dark blue ocean globes.

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If you aren't sure which globe might suit your desires and budget then don't forget you can contact us and ask for advice from people who have been supplying globes for decades.